Published Author & Masters Degree Adjunct Professor, Matthew Marvin, has written material that has real world impact on the clients and organizations that he serves!

Nailed It!

10 Keys to Crushing the Interview

 What if you knew the secrets that allowed you to nail every single interview you have? Now you do! From business executives to professional athletes, middle managers and college graduates, everyone is talking about this highly acclaimed best seller from leadership consultant and interview expert Matthew G. Marvin. Packed full of tips and strategies that allow you to win at the interview game, Matthew has helped countless top executives at GE, Kroger & Coca-Cola and over 30 different NFL football players. With advanced tips on resume writing and answering tough interview questions, this book provides the "secret sauce" to nailing your next interview.

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Decoding Leadership

What If Leadership Doesn't Have to Be So Darn Hard?! (Publishing date TBA 2020).

Matthew's next book is already turning heads in the leadership industry! Matthew has discovered the leadership "Decoder Pen" and top organizational experts are finding the strategies that he shares in his next book to be a "game changer" for leaders. A new model that reveals the intersection of key leadership strategies is shifting how organizations solve their biggest interpersonal challenges in the workplace ... and the strategies are a lot easier than ever to implement! Matthew lifts the curtain and unveils the secrets to solving the communication puzzle that leaders have been struggling with for decades. This is a MUST read for any leader looking for easy yet practical ways to maximize their effectiveness and enhance their leadership capabilities.